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Sleep comfort
Do you have a water bed?

Do you have a waterbed, and do you have enough of that constant water waves?

Here is the solution that we can offer in combination with the existing waterbed!
The gel mattress has been developed initially for medical aims, mostly very costly in purchase.
With a unique combination of modern techniques, it is now possible to transform a traditional waterbed mattress into a gel mattress for a payable price.

We provide a ready to use gel product, this is mixed with water during the filling of the waterbed.

The advantages but not the disadvantages of a waterbed!

Because of the unique composition of our gelproduct, it is also possible for you to change your existing waterbed into a gelbed.

Your stabilized mattress can become filled with a gel filling, the fiber layers come with the gel "included" the gel filling takes over the stabilization.

The gel stabilizes entirely, therefore they do not form lumps like other gel products.

It is even possible after filling to adjust the gel filling volume, with the gel filling this can be repeated to get the ideal stabilization.

It is also possible for the gel filling afterwards, to be softened in the gel mattress.

The gel filling is non-toxic and is demolished within an hour by applying simple kitchen salt; therefore, it is not necessary to have an expensive destabilizer.

  • No chance of leaking, like a water mattress.
  • You need no more conditioner.
  • Heating is not necessary, like a water mattress. * Perspiration problems have been solved completely.
  • You have more sleep comfort in the breadth of the bed.
  • The foam layer between the mattresses at a two-high rolling mill system is no longer necessary.
  • There is much less very on the mow seams of the mattress, because of which the mattresses has a longer lifespan.

The gel filling can be purchased with for example: gel filling with funnel for a mattress of 180 x 200 costs 107.00 euro

If you find the gelbed too cold in the winter months, then you can use sheep wools under blanket, which one places under the cover, this will give mild warmth.
There is no electric heating necessary

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