The reason
Sleep comfort
Sleep comfort

Sleeping on a gel mattress is the ultimate sleeping comfort.

Initially developed for medical aims, there is now a payable solution to be able to sleep comfortably.

In the mattress a special filling of high-quality gel is used which shapes itself entirely to the body, as a result of which unprecedented sleeping comfort is realized.

By this revolutionary concept, it is possible to fill the mattress on the spot in 10 minutes ready-for-use.
In addition, it is possible to adapt the stabilization (hardness) of the mattress on the spot to the wishes of the customer.
With ordinary kitchen salt, the gel is brought back within an hour to its water state.
This photograph shows how the gelbed enclosing the whole body, a delicious night's rest is the result.
Body's weight is divided over a larger surface.
The gel has the remarkable capacity to absorb the body weight..
The body weight on an ordinary mattress will aim always in an area, where for longer time the risk of bedsores arises.


Gel mattress

On a gel mattress, the weight is divided.
There are no pressure points, the joints lie in a straight line, and the result is a good and healthy night's rest.

Regular mattress

Many other mattresses do not have this support, as a result of which frequently back complaints arise.


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