The reason
Sleep comfort
The reason why
The reason why you could decide to purchase a gel flotation bed
  • No more pressure points
  • Less turns in your sleep
  • Longer deeper sleep periods
  • Constant temperature
  • No more perspiration problems
  • Complete control concerning hardness/firmness of the mattress
  • Therapeutic comfort

Standard mattresses have pressure points in areas where larger strengths/weights concentrate.
The gel mattress forms it self entirely to the body, because of which you do not have pressure points anymore.

The gel mattress ensures longer periods of deeper sleep, and less turning in your sleep. Generally, the gel mattress simplifies the time for you to get into a sleep state.

The gel has been made of specially manufactured poly-acrelaat copolymers that rapidly spread if water is added.
This results in not liquid, wave subduing gel.

The products are non-toxic and there are no water mattress chemicals necessary.

If one suffers of chronic low back pains, fatigue, ring complaints, tired legs or kidney problems; a gel mattress can give you relieve.

The gel mattress was developed initially for medical aims and use for patients who had to lie in a fixed position for a longer period.
This technology is now accessible for everyone .


No more twisting and turning in bed.

On average sleeping people turn around approx. 80 times in their sleep on an ordinary mattress, which is on average each 6 minutes.

Longer periods of deep sleep.

Sleepers on gel mattress twist less than 4-6 times per night, therefore 14-20 times less than on normal mattresses.
The most important deep sleep period is extended as a result. In this deep, sleep period, the body repairs it's self and reinforces the muscles.

No more pressure points.

The pressure points in an ordinary mattress cause bad blood flow at those places where your body comes in contact with the bed.
A Gel mattress prevents this; it curves around the body and gives the correct support.

Equal temperature without heating.

One will have less perspiration problems, because the constant temperature of the gel ensures an even body temperature.
Thanks to the isolating capacity of the gel, heating is not generally necessary.
The body warmth is stored. This gives a considerable energy advantage with regard to a normal waterbed.

Total control concerning the firmness of the gelmatras.

Firmness/hardness is changed by adding of the stabilizer or the destabilizer.
To empty the mattress salt is added.
Within an hour, the gel changes into water and can be pumped out of the mattress.

Therapeutic comfort.

If one has charge of chronic low back complaints, arthritis, painful muscles - or fatigue, neck complaints, tired legs, kidney problems then a gel mattress can give a real relieve.

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